Sandra Mutseyekwa

Digital Entrepreneur


Hi, I am Sandra, a woman over 50 years of age and 35 years of healthcare experience. Welcome to my about page where I am going to share my story, my journey to success.

I have worked hard all my life and have always enjoyed my profession. I also love to look after my family. I am married, and we were blessed with three lovely children who have flown out of the nest. I have always enjoyed to advance myself academically, learning new skills and ideas, helping others to do the same. In the year  2018, I graduated with an MSc degree in Health and Social Care; I am grateful and proud.

I do have a large extended family,3 siblings, a lot of cousins, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters in law. We are a well-knit family, and we look after each other. Apart from my biological family, my husband and I sponsor some children in Africa with their education and upkeep. When I look back at how I grew up, we did not have much, I walked to school barefooted, and when I see these children struggling, it resonates with me. That is why we thought of helping and supporting a few children, which gives me the joy of changing someone's life.

A few months ago, after work, I felt my knees and ankle joints aching; at first, I thought it was because I had to stand for long as we were swamped. However, days went by, and I could still feel the pain. I was also finding it difficult to climb the stairs in my house. Instead of climbing the right leg first, followed by the left leg, I was dragging the left leg due to the pain. Even as I was doing my daily exercise and African dance classes, I could experience pain and discomfort afterward. By the way, I do teach African dancing, and I so passionate about it.

Reality kicked in; I said to myself," Sandra, you are getting old,"  and as my mum always said, "wait until you get to my age, you will realize that all the grease in your joints will go dry. When it dries up, the bones will rub on each other, and you will be in pain". I used to laugh at her sense of humor as well as her scientific explanation. One day, I said to my husband, "if I had enough money, I would retire today." I thought, there is no way to get to retirement age experiencing such pain. I went online to check on my pension forecast from work; I was surprised and shocked by the prediction.

I asked myself, how am I going to manage financially after I retire? How am I going to continue sponsoring the children in Africa, and what about my bills? I could not answer these questions. I knew I have got to do something if I wanted to retire in comfort. I went on the internet in search of ways to earn extra income online. Although I was searching online business, I was very skeptical because I have had bad experiences before. Partly it was my fault with some of the business because I did not put in some effort, and in some cases, it was not my fault, but just being unfortunate.

Finally, after searching for some months, I came across an ad on Youtube, I listened to the ad, but  I did not want to commit because of my previous experience. Some weeks went by, and I saw the ad again; this time, I registered, and I am glad I did.

When I signed up, I discovered different training types, theory, practical, motivational, self -development, and skills. I was introduced to a supportive community, and a personal mentor who assists me takes me step by step throughout the training, making sure that I achieve my dream. I have interacted with people from different walks of life with digital marketing expertise, who have a positive mindset, and have succeeded in life.

The good thing is I can learn anywhere in the world, on my computer, tablet, or mobile device with access to one to one professional guidance. I received training from six-figure expect teachers running successful businesses online and are now living their dream life.

So if you are here now because you are looking for an online business, I spend months and months before finding something that I believed in. As I said earlier, I have met thousands of people from over the world who are getting results; whilst I'm not a millionaire yet, I am fortunate to be surrounded by some, I am learning from others, and I am part of a community that really cares. I am excited about sending you a link to a video series that will introduce you to this community. You will be able to create a free account, learn how to sell online, and take time to learn what it's all about. Hopefully, this will help you with your research of finding something of high quality, rather than spending more time, like what I did, looking for something like this.

Once again, thank you for visiting my site.